Interview with Larissa - A Central London Escort

Q. What made you decide to work as an escort with Greater London Escorts?

A: I’m an independent lady that likes to have nice things, go for dinner and have fun with my friends whenever I want. With my previous job, it was difficult for me to have the things I want and do the things I want when I want.

I looked online for the top Central London Escort Agency and found Greater London Escorts. I emailed my photos to the agency and Tammy the manager called me the same day. We set up a meeting with her for the next morning and by the evening I was already working!

Q. Can you tell us a bit about your first client?

A: He was a handsome 40-something year old businessman from Manchester. He was staying at an upscale hotel in the Marylebone area.  I had a couple of glasses of wine beforehand to settle my nerves but it was completely unnecessary as he was the most charming, respectable guy. I couldn't ask for a better first experience in the London escort business.

Q. What's the best bit about being a London escort?

A. I get to meet a lot of really interesting people with great minds. It’s nice to have a variety of personalities, backgrounds, and cultures to converse with. I am having fun and getting paid too!

Q. And the worst thing?

A: You always have to be at your best — no matter what personal problems I have I always have to leave that behind me the second I walk into the room. But as a London Escort, I have to remember, I am not the only one with personal problems and clients are paying me to escape from reality and enjoy their evening with a beautiful woman without any drama.

Q. How often do you work per week as a London Escort? 

A: I work at least 4 days a week. I want to do this job for a short time, save my money and move on. I am starting a university course next year and I want to be prepared financially.

Q. Is this a job you would recommend to other women? 

A: Ummm, this job is definitely not for everybody. You need to be a little extroverted and like to be around different people. I think you have to have some appreciation of your female form, whatever your shape, as all women can be sexy if they want to be.

Q. Would you recommend Greater London Escort Agency? 

A: Yes this agency has been good to me. They are very discreet, organized and protective of their London Escorts.

Interview with Larissa - A Central London Escort
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