9 Ways Sex Can Help You Be More Refreshed

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9 Ways Sex Can Help You Be More Refreshed

Sex can help you to turn your life around, this might sound like an over statement but hear us out. You can use sex for a lot of things,  it can make you feel so much better when you are not feeling your best. It will re-energize you and therefore do more things due to this surge of new energy. Below we have put down 11 ways sex can help you be more refreshed. Try it out and see how refreshed you feel after.

1. Sex Cures headaches

Sex is sort of a natural pain killer due to the hormones that get released. You will feel calmer after with your headache gone. I mean you can get that from swallowing a pill  but sex sound a lot more fun if you ask me.

2. Sex Calms tension

If you feel tens or anxious by having sex you release those tension and the endorphin’s that are being released relaxes you and gets rid of the anxiety. This will leave you feeling calm and oh so great!

3. Sex Clears your head

You can clear your head and be able to concentrate more after you have had sex. Studies show that a lot of people who have sex in the morning before work are more productive. So get it on in the morning so that you and your partner can leave each morning with a smile on your face and a clear head. Ready to take on the world.

4. Sex Makes You feel attractive

You get a little boost of self confidence when you are having sex because the person who is with you wants to be with you. This makes your feel great, and it makes you feel like you are a desired person. It will give you that little skip in your step that you need.

5. Sex Improves The Bond Between Couples.

Trying sexual acts with your partner can be good for you, and it will help you get out of your comfort zone. Your partner my suggest things that will catch you off guard, but you will enjoy it when you see how turned on your partner is getting. This can help you bond in new ways you didn’t even knew were possible.

6. Sex Will Help You Be More In Tune With Others

You will learn a lot about other people if you are having a lot of sex.  The more fun you are having the more you learn about what others like. You will then be able to get more in tune with people you are with. Eventually you will get to know their fetishes and fantasies and they will open up to you in more ways than one.

7.  Sex Helps You Sleep Better

Sex is known to be the best sleep inducer. After sex you feel relaxed and calm as we stated before. It also clears your head, therefore creative the perfect conditions to fall asleep. If you are having sleeping problems, try having sex right before bedtime.

8. Sex Warms You Up

When you are having sex you are rising your heartbeat, you get hot and sweaty. So if you are ever really cold or want to save on that heating bill. Warm up with someone and share the free heat!

9. Sex Gives You The Best High

You get a natural high from sex that is unmatched. The high you get from having sex makes it a lot more fun which will make you enjoy spending time with your partner even more.

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