Do Men Think About Sex More?

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A study  recently conducted by psychologists at Ohio State University (OSU) reveals that men think about sex more than women. The researchers found that men think about doing the nasty 18 times a day, while women only think about doing the horizontal mambo 10 times in 24 hours, according to LiveScience.

There were other thoughts that seemed to be on the minds of men more than women. In addition to sex, men thought about food and sleep with equal frequency. Likewise, women were less likely to occupy their mind with these topics.

Researchers asked 163 college-aged women and 120 college-aged men to carry around counters that would allow them to mark down every time they had a thought about sex. This method may prove more successful than other studies that have attempted to chart sex thoughts, as many previous research initiatives asked individuals to recall how often they thought about sex, rather than keep track in real-time.

Even though the average numbers showed that men had sex on the mind more than women, researchers were quick to point out that the numbers varied for individual participants. One man thought about sex 388 times in one day, or every 158 seconds during his waking hours.

So that sort of debunked the theory that  men think about sex every 7 seconds.

Several studies and articles have been published over the years suggesting women’s sex drives are often just as strong as those of men, or sometimes even stronger.

Roy Baumeister, one of the world’s most prolific and influential psychologists, who recently moved from Florida State University to take up a professorship at the University of Queensland, doesn’t agree. His research is challenging current thinking about gender differences in the male and female sex drive. Baumeister and two female colleagues decided to analyse information from all the published research studies, giving their findings the title: “Is There a Gender Difference in Strength of Sex Drive”.

After months of reading, examining and compiling the results, they concluded there was overwhelming evidence that men do have a much stronger sex drive than women. There are some women who frequently have an intense desire for sex — and there are men who don’t — but on average men want it more. They found that all markers pointed to the same conclusion.

According to the study, men think about sex more often than women. They reported more spontaneous sexual arousal and had more frequent and varied fantasies. Men also want more sexual partners in their lifetime and are more interested in casual sex. Men masturbate much more than women, and masturbation is considered by sex researchers to be one of the purest measures of sex drive because it is not constrained by external factors, such as the need of a partner.

However, the researchers pointed out that the gender difference in sex drive should not be generalised to include other areas such as sexual orgasmic capacity, enjoyment of sex or extrinsically motivated sex.

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