Escorts Surrey: Are there health benefits to having more sex?

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Escorts Surrey: Are there health benefits to having more sex?

Yes! Yes! and YES!

Latest research are all prove that a sufficient sexual life is necessary for feeling good, the proper function of the immune system and maintaining great mental health. The benefits of sex extents well beyond the the bedroom. We all know that sex feels good but it comes with many amazing side effects that can be good for you.

Here are 3 things according to our Escorts Surrey’s sex experts having frequent, good sex can do for you.

1. It keeps your immune system singing

Those who have an active sex life have higher body defences, therefore they are protected more from germs, viruses and other intruders

2. Lower your blood pressure

Studies have linked lower blood pressure to sex. One landmark study has found that sexual intercourse specifically lowered systolic blood pressure. Sexual activity provides many of the same benefits to your heart as exercise but also keeps levels of oestrogen and testosterone in balance, which is important for heart health.  Sex is a natural stress reliever because it releases serotonin, endorphins, and phenyl-ethylamine hormones that generate feelings of pleasure and elation. These hormones when released make people forget all their stresses which in turn relaxes the arteries lowering high blood pressure.

3. Boosts your libido

Having more sex will make sex better which improves your libido. Sex is a lot like exercise. If you haven’t worked out in a long time and you are out of shape, your first day back at the gym will be hard. But if you keep at it and be consistent with it your body will kick back into gear. After awhile, you will start to enjoy it. Sex is exactly the same way, the more you do it the better it gets. Once you get those feel good hormones kicked back in, you will be happy you kept going.

Seeing the many benefits sex offers and that the more active you are the more these benefits increase. You’d think that every one would be going at it everyday, but it’s not that simple. The problem is many don’t have the time to be in a committed relationship or can’t find the right person they are attracted to. This problem is a universal problem that can last for a long time but we think that your sex life shouldn’t suffer, simply because you don’t have the time to be in a relationship or any other obstacles you might face. Having a companion now and then with no strings attached could be the solution to the aforementioned problem. The benefits of using an escort are endless. Firstly you can get exactly what you want when you want and where you want. There is no guessing game or wasted time, you can choose the exact Escorts Surrey girl you are attracted to. secondly  If you have limited time, Escorts Surrey escorts only take one hour and one hour could be enough to have your needs met! Lastly if you use an escort agency such as Escorts Surrey, you can try out different types of ladies. By trying out different types you might discover a type of body you might not have considered before.

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